Privacy Policy is a blog by Tamaco S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as “the Holder” and/or the ‘Data Controller” and it follows all the directives and strategies, imposed by the latter.

This privacy policy aims at describing the management modalities the customers/readers’ personal data for the the present website, in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Data controller and Data Protection Officer “DPO”

TAMACO S.r.l., located in Palermo, Via Gioacchino di Marzo, 17/C, is committed to protect the privacy of its on-line readers. To this purpose, before sharing any personal data with the Data controller, our readers are invited to carefully read the present document on privacy, since it contains important information about personal data protection. The Data Protection Officer (hereinafter referred as “DPO”) under article 37 and seq of the above mentioned Regulation, domiciled in our office, can be found at the address in the section “Contacts” of the present document.

Place of data processing

Data are processed and archived at Tamaco S.r.l.’s headoffice, shown in the section “Contacts”. Moreover, data are processed by professionals and companies entrusted with technical activities of development, management and accounting, on behalf of Tamaco S.r.l.

General rules and definitions

When using the services of the website (herinafter referred to as “the services” or “the service”), the readers are required to comply with the conditions and terms of use described below. reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions. The customers/readers will be informed of the above as these will be published in the website. The readers must periodically verify these conditions and accept the possible modifications, taken place since they last visited the website. In any case, the use of the website and of its services implies the acceptance of the possible changes brought about. reserves the right to modify, discontinue, interrupt, even partially, the services, including the access to its database and contents.

As an aid to clarity, here the main definitions used in this document are specified:

Website referrers to which comprises the whole of the services and contents offered by the “Data controller”.

The Readers are those who visit the website and use its services

Services are the following services available in the website:

* newsletters
* blogs
* podcasts and rss
* multimedia content (by way of example, the texts, audio material, videos, audio and videos, graphic elaborations, photos or any other kind of original or reproduced  works present in the website).

Contents and services in the website  and its use by the readers

The contents and services in the website are meant for a personal, non-professional use. All the material published in the website (by way of example: informative articles, photographs, images, illustrations and audio and/or video recordings, hereinafter referred to as “contents”) is protected by copyrights laws and are the property of the Data controller or of whom lawfully owns the relevant rights. The readers have to comply with the added indications, which might be present in the website, related to the intellectual property of the contents, accessed through the services in the website.

The website’s services and its contents are protected by the Italian copyright laws and international copyright laws. The readers are not allowed to publish, transfer, share, assign the use in any way, reproduce (in addition to the limits here below specified), rework, distribute, execute, grant access or commercially exploit in any way, even partially, the contents or services of the website.

The readers are allowed to download, copy the contents or any other downloadable material accessible through the website’s services, provided that they report truthfully about the copyright information and the other directions given in the website. The reproduction and gathering of any contents other than for personal use is expressly prohibited without prior approval issued in writing by the Data controller or by the copyright holder as stated in the website.

The contents coming from third parts are published by the Data controller, who does not assume liability for incompleteness, inaccuracies, mistakes, omissions in relations to the integrity of the information and who is not liable of any possible damage.

The podcast and rss services are accessible only for personal use and any commercial use is forbidden. Any different use, including, by way of example, the publishing of advertising messages, the combination with products or extended sending for advertising purposes are forbidden. The readers can not in any way modify or distribute podcast and rss services and the connections coming from the website to third parties. The podcast and rss services and their content are protected by the Italian copyright and by their related international laws. The Data controller holds all the rights to exploit the trademarks used in connection to these services.

The Data controller reserves the right to interrupt the podcast and rss service at any time and to stop the reader from using the downloaded material in any way, without limitations and notice. The Data controller does not assume any liability in relation to the podcast and rss services’ contents and to their use, regarding damages or use limitations of internet websites, computers or mp3 readers which might have used such services and contents.  

Contents coming from the readers

The readers can not publish in the areas provided to this aim, comments that are defamatory, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, abusive and or in any way illegal.

The readers can not publish confidential information or any information that allows to identify their own personal data, comprising, amongst the others, credit cards number, social security numbers, and drive license numbers. The readers can not publish information such as passwords, user name, email addresses, telephone numbers of other readers, unless, they are already accessible to the public in the web.

The readers commit themselves not to use a violent language towards other readers, by refraining from using defamatory terms and intentionally interrupting the conversations with repetitive and/or senseless messages or with actions aimed at selling products or services.

The readers commit themselves to use a respectful language, taking into account that the community grows only when its members feel accepted and well respected. The readers commit themselves not to use violent terms or which appear to be discriminatory on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual inclinations, physical or mental disabilities, and similar. The comments can only be used for non-commercial goals.

The readers are responsible on an individual basis for the contents of their messages. The Data controller reserves the right to delete, move, modify the messages that he – at his own discretion – deems to be abusive, defamatory, obscene or that infringe the copyright and trademark laws and, in any case, unacceptable for the website’s editorial policy.

The rule stated in the present article relate to any contents generated by the readers using the services at disposal in the website.

Service’s access and availability. Use of the links.

The website contains links and other resources of the internet. The Data controller is not responsible of the actual accessibility and availability of such external resources nor of their contents. Therefore the readers are invited to contact these external websites’ administrator or webmaster, if they find any problems related to these websites’ contents.

Our responsibility for the connections to other websites

The present privacy policy is limited to the personal data collected by the Data controller. Within this website, we provide connections to other websites, including to social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. If you follow these connections, your use of these websites will be ruled by their privacy policies, since their practices on data do not fall into this present privacy policy. Moreover, we are not responsible, nor in control of the information gathered by any other third-party websites and we can not be held responsible for the data protection and the privacy of any information that you could give in these websites.

Declaration of responsibility and guarantees.

By accessing the website and its services, the readers undertake:

* not to use the website and the material found there for any illegal purposes, namely as a tool to divulge and spread in any way material and contents intended to carry out illicit activities;

* not to use the website for transferring or placing viruses or any defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening material or any other that could cause harm, inconvenience or prejudice;

* not to use the website so as create a violation against people or firms (including, but not limited to, copyrights and right to privacy);

* not to use to the website to spread advertising and/or promotional material;

* for under-age readers the material will have to be screened and authorised by the exercisers of the parental authority. is not responsible for the material used and/or the readers’ actions during the site’s navigation. It also doesn’t take any responsibility for the transmission of possible viruses or any harmful contents created by third parties to the readers’ computer.

As a consequence, the readers hold the website’s Data controller and all involved parties harmless against any responsibility and any adverse consequence, including,  and with no exception, legal costs, defined on the basis of the professional fees, incurred by the website’s Data controller, as a result of legal actions due to the reader’s violation of such obligations.

In any case, the readers are required to provide their collaboration to the website’s Data controller in order to properly protect their own rights in relation to such legal actions. The website’s Data controller reserves the right to autonomously protect him/herself, by responding to pleadings at his/her own expenses, notwithstanding the right to compensation for which the readers are liable.

The readers take note that any trust in the reliance and reliability of the opinions, declaration, indications or information published in the website is at their own discretion and they assume its consequences. The service and all the downloadable material are provided in the state in which they are found and without guarantees of any kind, explicit or implicit, including – with no limitation – the owner’s guarantees, warranties of merchantability of adequacy for certain purposes. Therefore, the readers acknowledge that such material is used under their own responsibility.

Without prejudice to the cases of damages to persons caused by negligence, serious misconduct and wilful misconduct, the Data Controller is not responsible of any losses or damages in any way derived from or related to the use and the operation of the website, including, without any limitation, damages due to loss of business, loss of profit, business interruption, loss of commercial information and any other pecuniary loss.

The readers expressly acknowledge and accept that:

  1. The blog and the possible ancillary services are provided ‘as are’ and ‘as available’. Any guarantee by the blog’s Data controller is expressly excluded.
  2. The blog’s Data cotroller does not guarantee (i) that the blog and the possible ancillary services will satisfy the readers’ needs, (ii) that the blog and services are provided without interruptions, on time, in a safe way and free from errors, (iii) the readers’ expectation that the results achieved by using the blog and the services are true and reliable.
  3. Any contents downloaded or acquired in any other way from or through the blog is obtained at the sole and exclusive discretion and at exclusive risk of the readers who are exclusively responsible for any damage to their computer or for the loss of data resulting from the download of said data or from the use of the website, blog and services.

Protection of personal data

The website offer informative and interactive contents. When navigating the website, it is thus possible to gain information about the customer or, more generally, about the visitor, in the following ways:

  1. A) Browsing data

In the course of normal operation, the ICT systems and procedures involved in the running of this site automatically acquire certain items of personal data relating to the user’s browsing, the transmission of which is involved in the use of the Internet communication protocols. This information, which is not collected with the intent to be connected to somebody, can, through the association and computing procedure with third parties data, identify the users. This category includes: information such as IP address, domain name of the computers used by the visitors connecting to the website, addresses in URI (“Uniform Resource Identifier”) notation for the resources requested, time ot the request, the method used to submit the request to the server web, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the state of the response given by the server web (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters regarding the visitors’ operative system and IT environment. These data are used to the sole aim to gather anonymous statistical information about the website’s use and to check its proper functioning, to identify anomalies and/or abuses and are immediately deleted after processing. The data could be used in order to ascertain responsibility in the event of computer crimes against this website of against third parties.

  1. B) Data collected via cookies

The navigation in this website implies the reception of cookies, small text files that the visited websites sent to the visitors’ browser (that is the programme used to navigate websites, such as Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, Edge, etc.) where they are stored and retransmitted to the same websites in the next visits. During browsing a website, the visitors’ computers can also receive cookies from other websites or web server other than the one which he is visiting (so-called “third parts” cookies).

For further information about the use of cookies, please refer to the cookie policy present in the website.

Legal basis of the processing

The present website processes personal data according to the users’ consent. When using and consulting the present document, the readers explicitly approve the privacy policy and agree with the processing of their personal data in relation to the modalities and aims described, including the possible disclosure to third parties when necessary for the provision of a service.

The provision of data and thus the acceptance for data collecting and data treatment is optional. The consensus may be denied and, in case it has already been granted, can be withdrawn any time by contacting the referents in the section “Contact”.

However, failure to provide data might make it impossible to access all of some of the services required.

Under the GDPR 25 May 2018, the present website can process some data according to the legitimate interests of the Data controller.

Some jurisdictions authorise the Data controller to process personal data without previous consent, unless the interested party explicitly opposes to such processing (“opt-out”). However, this is not applicable if the processing of personal data is regulated by the European law in the matter of personal data protection.

Anti-money laundering and Antiterrorism

In the matter of anti-money laundry and antiterrorism, the provision of data is mandatory and any refusal to comply would make it impossible to provide the requested service and may result in a reporting to the competent body. It should be noted that, personal data in relation to anti-money laundering obligations are processed according to the specific rules impost on non-financial operators under the Regulation on identification and storage information provided for in article 3, paragraph 2, of the Legislative Decree n. 56/2004, adopted with Ministerial Decree n. 143/2006. Other information might be derived from public sources to comply with the obligation under the Legislative Decree 231/2007.

Duration of data storage

Personal data will be stored according to the following parameters:

– for activities related to administration, accounting, orders, budgeting and production management, support and maintenance, invoicing, services, management of any dispute: 10 years as state by law in the provisions of article 2220 C.C., without prejudice to any late payments which may justify a longer duration;

– for marketing purposes: 24 mesi.

Readers’ rights

Under the articles 15 and seq of the Regulation, the readers have the right to ask the Data controller for access to their own personal data, for their correction or deletion. They also have the right to oppose to their processing, request some limitation of data processing in the cases provided for under the article 18 of the Regulation, and also to receive their personal data in  a structured, commonly used, legible format for automatic devices in the cases set forth by article 20 of the Regulation.

Such requests should be directed by writing to the Holder, or the DPO, at the addresses listed in the section “Contacts” in this document, preferably indicating  “Request to exercise privacy rights”in the subject line.

The readers can also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali), under the articles 77 and seq of the Regulation, if they deem that the processing of their own personal data violate the laws in force.

Security measures

The website processes the readers/users data in a lawful and correct manner, applying all the necessary security measures in order to prevent non-authorised accesses, dissemination, modification and non-authorised data destruction. The data are processed by means of IT and/or telematic tools with organisation methods and logic rigorously related to the purposes indicated. In some cases, in addition to the DPO, other categories of employees, involved in the organisation of the website, might access the data (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal staff, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical service providers, mail couriers, hosting providers, computer companies, communication agencies).


The Data controller reserves the right to modify or to simply update, partially or totally, the content of the present document, also due to changes to the applicable laws. Therefore, the Data controller invites the readers to regularly visit this section in order to be aware of the most recent and updated version of the privacy policy and be informed about the data collection and their use by TAMACO S.r.l.



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Data controller: TAMACO S.r.l.;

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