Words above all, to be handled with care

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You Sicilia is born, a web magazine devoted to the beauty and friendliness of the island at the centre of the Mediterranean.

In search of beauty, in the past and in the present. A journey into knowledge to set up the future. Or rather, to improve it.

A statement which is the outcome of experience, creating optimism. When being lucky enough to live in Sicily – with its countless faces, wonders and contrasts – this certainty becomes the incipit of a stylistic journey. It is a dynamic and colourful narrative, firmly anchored to the inexhaustible strength of words.

You Sicilia is inspired by words and their value. They are daily companions, the seal of our dreams and stories.

Looking and observing. Hearing and listening. Sniffing and smelling. Tasting and savouring. Thus, the bold sailors, longing for new encounters, came to discovery new worlds through exploration.

And what about words? They do carry weight and in this new online island they will be handled with care. They are sensitive. They have a sound, a form, a meaning. There is no guarantee they be conventional, there are many nuances, so light as to be sometimes almost imperceptible. 

But I tell you a secret. Most of words, from the shiest to the boldest, are actually very proud. As soon as they are used with care and attention, they become so proud of their origin as not to be willing to compromise with the other more widespread and popular languages.

logo web magazine You Sicilia
You Sicilia's logo is a tribute to the black lava rocks and the golden sun. The Trinacria works like a sort of 'play' key: The traveller who clicks on Sicily starts a challenging journey into understanding what being Sicilian really means.

Three is the perfect number

The starting point is Sicily. That is a fact.

But the destination is not defined. Actually, there are a multitude of directions set according to circumstances and forces interplay, subjects and factors. All different. Not to mention chance and fate.

You Sicilia is an adventure, but also an epiphany, sometimes in black and white, sometimes  thrillingly colourful.  

Each article is the fruit of a meeting. The more interesting the encounters the richer and finer the discoveries.

In You Sicilia the stories are divided into three sections. The first, Miscellany hosts articles of various topics, the leitmotif being their conveying wonders. The second is Magazine, a column which delves into beauty, in the qualifying and elevating sense of the term. Here we will research style, intended as forms and activities defining ‘being Sicilian’, flavour food and raw materials (Yummy), highlighting the human contributions.

The third section, Mood, is an explicit sequence of moods and atmospheres, where moving imagines speak their own language.


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